Eure Lieblingscollection #3 – Wisdom In Chains

Dimitri Cailliau is from Belgium and lives in Antwerp. He sings in a Hardcore Band called Pushed Too Far and works as a train manager at the railways.


First time I heard Wisdom In Chains was most probably on a label sampler from Gangstyle Records. It had a bunch of other great tracks on it (Knuckledust and Daredevil come to mind directly) but Wisdom In Chains really stuck in my head for months. It was the track “BFL Anthem“, and had a great singalong in it. So right after I looked up the cd and found it in a local record store (now gone, just like most of them sadly enough). Since me and my friends used to share around cds and tapes, we all kind of together got into the same music, and all started listening to Wisdom In Chains at about the same time.

The first album really blew us away, both by the music and the lyrics, and most of all by the general feeling of brotherhood throughout the whole album. But then they released their first real album, “Die Young“, and they really stepped it up. It was even more intense than before, and after getting to see them live we were all hooked. I used to hang non stop with Mikey from Join The Pit at that time, and rarely a day would pass without us playing that record. Sadly enough he passed away a bit later, and I remember seeing Wisdom In Chains not so long after. I got to talk to Richie and asked him if they would want to dedicate “Die Young” to him, and he actually told me they had a friend with the same name that passed away some time before. I guess somewhere that even drew me more into Wisdom In Chains, if even possible.

At that time I already had all they released (aside for the test press for their first 7″, which I’m still missing) and throughout the years I just continued collecting all they put out. By now I suppose I have one of the biggest collections of Wisdom In Chains around, even if I’m still missing a few odds and ends… Music wise I still really love the music they make, and their last album is probably my favorite. It’s a bit less old school now, but I’m ok with that, since it’s even more intense than ever before. So I’m really looking forward to their new album coming later this year, and I’m even going to see them for the first time in the US!

Wisdom In Chains Collection

Dimitri Cailliau

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