Eure Lieblingscollection #4 – Floorpunch

Fabian Save My Soul Records talks about his Floorpunch collection, a special jersey and some LPs he really wants to own one day.

Fabian Dünkelmann lives in Aachen and is known for his own label Save My Soul Records. He is 33 years old, got into hardcore at the age of 15 and works as a controller.


I have to admit: I got into hardcore through bands like Green Day, The Offspring and the Judgement Night Soundtrack. The whole “melodycore” thing was next and then in 97, my sister took me to a Sick Of It All show. After that it was NYHC and Youth Crew stuff only. So, when I first heard Floorpunch a couple of months later, that was exactly my kind of band. The perfect blend of classic NYHC mosh parts and that rough attiude coupled with the youth crew aesthetics. I was far from straight edge back then and missed my first chance of seeing them live because I got beat up by about 10 guys at a “Karneval”-party the night before they played Cologne for standing up for a former friend’s girlfriend. Fun fact: the friendship basically ended that night because he was too much of a coward to do anything about a bunch of kids harassing his girl.

Anyway, when I had stopped drinking and started collecting records, Floorpunch was the first band which I decided to collect EVERYTHING from. Right now, I have about 50 shirts and other merch items including the football jersey which someone offered me $300,- for during a time where I really needed the money, but this one is definitely staying. I have all the different pressings of their records except for the 7’’ on gold, handnumbered out of 88, the Chung King of the Nineties, which I just can’t afford right now, where people are paying up to $1.000 for it. In 2004 or 2005, I got offered a copy for 250,- €, but I was a student and this was more than I had for the month, so I declined the offer. As you can imagine, this is a choice I always regret when I see a copy pop up on ebay. Who knows, maybe one day I´ll just say “fuck it” and spend the kind of money people are asking for it nowadays on it, but for now I´ll just keep repeating “one day I’ll have it and frame it together with that jersey”, since I basically stopped collecting multiple pressing of records anyway.

There is so much more in life than collecting stuff, we should never get caught up in it. Even though the Floorpunch 7’’ on gold and the Chung King LP are definitely way up there on the list of stuff any self-respecting Hardcore kid should admire.

Fabian's Floorpunch Collection

Fabian Dünkelmann

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