Spinkick – the end of an era in Danish hardcore

Three albums, an EP, countless shows at home and abroad and a total of nine members in a five-piece hardcore outfit are some of the achievements of one of Denmark’s strongest bands.

Spinkick was founded in 2008 in Fredericia, home to the (infamous) Fredericia Hardcore Festival, Days of Fury Fest and lots of great shows at Ungdommens Hus. The band lost one original vocalist, Jannick, due to his move to Copenhagen. This sad turn of events didn’t mean the end of the band though, but instead gave way for Simon, a strong singer bringing a whole different kind of energy to the band. With a switch of drummers too, due to another one of Fredericia’s hardcore kids being lost to Copenhagen, after their third full-length, “Count on Nothing”, Spinkick prepared for a new EP with their new drummer, Jeppe, who added to the intensity and tempo of the band. The EP became their last release, No Refund, released digitally in 2015.

The band, in different constellations, has had a chance to play in almost all corners of Europe, from Northcote Fest in Holland, several appearances in Belgium, to Italy, Spain, France, Austria, Sweden, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and of course a bunch of shows in Germany and Denmark.

Thousands of kilometres on the road, endless hours in the rehearsal room, hours on stage and in the studio – and in November 2014 it came to a natural end. Old and new band members got together for a final show in October 2015 arranged by Switchblade Booking who had stood by the band for four of the six years they existed and booked most of their shows.

Spinkick invited friends to play and shared the stage with local boys, Earn Your Scars, Brothers in Arms from Hamburg and Bravestar who even performed a brand new song in honour of Spinkick, one they said they had written the day before called “Friday Night”. Spinkick enthusiasts will have recognized the song as one of Spinkick’s own from the “Giving It Back” album.

All bands kicked some serious ass and in the pit were displays of old school circle pit as well as two-stepping and actual backflips!

Spinkick played two sets back-to-back with Jannick and Per on vocals for the first set and Simon and Per for the second set. It was a perfect end to a long and important career as one of the top dogs in Danish hardcore.

The torch is now being passed on to other bands like Earn Your Scars and the new hardcore collective Wolf Pack in Copenhagen. Simon and Jeppe (vocals and drums) have continued on to start the new band Lifesick presenting a darker and heavier style of hardcore than Spinkick – keep an eye out for them! Simon put it this way: “Compared to Spinkick Lifesick is bigger, better, stronger! This is the shit, more grownup and ambitious and with a sound fitting of the year 2020!

The end of one band means the opportunity to do something new and make room for other bands. Thank you for all the good times, Spinkick RIP.

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