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Bitter Thoughts aus Chicago, IL sind schon lange über den Status des Geheimtipps hinaus und eine gefestigte Größe in der lokalen Szene von Chicago. Wir hatten die Jungs im Interview und haben ihnen einige Fragen gestellt.

Bitter Thoughts Live

Hey Anchit! Thanks for taking the time to do this I know you’re a busy guy. But I’m really stoked that Bitter Thoughts is growing day by day. You guys deserve it. So, let’s get to it! How did Bitter Thoughts start? What’s the history behind you guys?

I’d like to start by saying the formal introduction is appreciated even though we could not be described as much, haha. I don’t think we would be who we are if it were any other way. From the beginning this has always been a group of guys just writing music we love, saying the things we want, and having a few hours of our lives that we can actually enjoy. Bitter Thoughts started from a string of not so serious bands that eventually formed into what we are today. TJ, Ty and Beav grew up together as kids always jamming together. I eventually met TJ at a show both of our bands were playing at and we both clicked. He was leaving his current band to start another under the name Real Talk. I filled in for some shows when they needed a bass player and time went on, my band kind of died out and Real Talk eventually turned into Bitter Thoughts. We put all our ideas we had into that and went on from there.

In your opinion, do you think Bitter Thoughts has made a statement in Chicago hardcore? Do you think you guys have had a big impact on the scene?

I would hope that we as a band have represented Chicago Hardcore in the most positive light that it rightly deserves. We never had the mentality of taking over or being the next big thing, we just wanted to be a hardcore band that played shows with our friends and had a good time. We don’t really have a message to shove down anyone’s throat, but if we could encourage kids like us in the Chicago land area and hopefully around the world to come out to shows and take part in their scene, start bands, book shows, and find their own niche, then I think that’s the biggest contribution we could make to Chicago Hardcore.

What’s life like for all the guys outside of the band?

A big reason why we don’t get to put as much into this band as we would like is because of the amount of things going on outside of our lives. We all have things we want to accomplish outside of music and it takes up the majority of our lives whether it is our jobs, school or both. All we can do is take the morals we’ve gained through this music and implement that into our daily lives, in due course showing that not all humans are scum. Besides this band, we also are in a few others that anyone willing should check out: Bodybag, Mal Intent, Piece of Mind, I.E.D., and Inferno.

You guys certainly have a unique sound, what are some of the influences for Bitter Thoughts?

The mix of influences between the four of us is all over the place. To name a few: Breakdown, Meshuggah, One Second Thought, Warzone, Cold As Life, Everybody Gets Hurt, The Killer and System of a Down. We usually just get super blazed and come up with what we can.

Where do you see Bitter Thoughts in the future?

Playing shows in Mao’s basement, getting trashed with our friends and playing the music we love.

I know you guys have another West Coast tour planned, do you have any bigger tour plans coming up after? East coast, Europe, etc?

We’re hitting the West Coast for the second time with Silverhammer this August. That’s going to be a blast because we met so many cool people at each stop last time. East coast would be great to eventually do and I know Europe is on the horizon. As long as I get to see Facewreck, Ablaze, Surge of Fury, Nasty, World Eater, Still Ill and the long list of badass Euro bands, I’m good.

I know there’s so many bands worth mentioning from where we are from, but if you could narrow it down, who would you say are Chicago’s top 5 hardcore bands worth mentioning?

From past to present, I’m going with The Killer, Convicted, No Regrets, Weekend Nachos and Black & Blue. Honorable Mentions: Bodybag, Chances R’, Young & Dead, Den of Daggers and Expired Youth.

The last words are yours, Anchit! Again thank you so much for your time and I really hope to see Bitter Thoughts explode more than you guys already have!

Just want to say thank you, Jake and Between the Lines Fanzine, for giving us the opportunity to be featured and doing this interview! The fanzines, podcasts, interviews and reviews are all way legit. Projects such as these give those who really care something to get excited about and are what ultimately keeps this music thriving for those people. I hope projects like this continue to pop up and this goes on forever!

Jacob Souza

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