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CDC melden sich mit ihrer neuen 5-Track 12″ “END” zurück und bevor die Platte in die Stores kommt, haben wir mit Drummer John über die Band, das neue Release, die Rolle von Booking Agenturen für die Szene und sein Business mit Cold Cuts Merch geprochen. Ein Review zur kommenden Platte folgt ebenfalls in den nächsten Tagen!

Thanks for taking the time for that interview! First of all, how are you?

I’m doing very well, sitting here watching “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”. I recently got into this show, it’s pretty damn funny.

I know CDC with some different people in it. But who is a real part of CDC and who founded the band and when?

CDC has had its difficulties with members but we still have most of the founding members in the band. Brendan was the one who created the idea, Brooke took the idea and made it flourish, and once they asked me to join the picture and we started making music it really came to life. Brendan, Brooke and myself are three of the original four and we really are the building blocks. Every song has been written and recorded by all of us.

What is CDC standing for, i know some different meanings of it, but what is the correct one? Who’s idea was this name?

The original name was Cyborg Death Camp, which was a phrase coined by Dave Heck. He used it as a name for some school project when Brendan approached him about needing a name for his computer band, that is how it was born. Once the band was actually a real thing we kept it short to just CDC. We started using it as an acronym with various meanings on merch and were going to use it for a song on each release but that quickly died.

You were recently again in Europe, how often did you played Europe so far? In which part of the world was your favorite tour?

We are basically in Europe once a year, it has always been awesome. We have had many great tours in this world, each holding there own excellence. I think the African tours have been some of my favorite. It’s great because its a place not many bands adventure to and the people there are so receptive.

Now to your music: CDC released one demo and two EP’s till now, why isn’t there a full LP after all that time? Do you want that or isn’t there enough time to do it?

Brendan and I are unsure if we even want to do a full length. We feel like LP’s are filled with filler and generally people don’t care or even listen to every song. We would rather focus on a release that is shorter and to the point. Just jams straight through. We are additionally slow writers as a whole. The new release “End” was first demo’d in 2010 but was not completed until earlier this year, so it does take us time to complete songs.

What do you think about your lyricstyle? What are the lyrics about? Who writes them?

Brooke handles all the lyrics. He writes about a plethora things on the newer records such as Religion, Politics, and the end of the world. I feel like Brooke’s advancement in song writing is incredible. I really think the new songs are mind blowing.

So about your new EP, who will release it and when? Can you give us some information?

Yes, the title is “End” and it will be out in February 2015. It will be released as a single sided 12″ as well as digitally. Get This Right Records will be releasing it in the US and Beatdown Hardwear will handle the European side of things. Filled With Hate Records will do a limited edition tape release.

Is there a reason why you choosed those labels?

Yes! I run Get This Right Records with my best friend Dave Heck and I really wanted to do this release. For Europe we just felt like BDHW was the best choice for us and our progression as a band. FWH is going to handle the tape side because they have supported us since day 1.

Is there anyone in the band who has some sideprojects?

Currently I think I am the only one with an active side project. It’s a new band called Sick Sad World. Brendan was in the band for a minute but left. Previously I was in a band called Daylight and did a stint in the band Troublesome. Brendan has a band called Molosser that was more for fun and Brooke had a band called Slave Grave that broke up about a year ago I think.

Now a personal question: what is Cold Cuts Merchandise and how is it going?

Cold Cuts is my business. It’s what I have slaved over for the past 5+ years. It’s going very well but I feel like it could always be better. I am striving to build an incredible business and so far it is working. I have a great staff and we are doing some amazing things, it’s always evolving.

Why did you started it?

Cold Cuts started unofficially in August 2007 when I bought a press on tour, and when I finally got settled at home in November I really started digging in. I made it an official business in 2010, and thats when Cold Cuts Merch started as well.


Topic Tour: who booked your last Europe tour?

I booked it, I have done most of the bookings for our band in Europe. There have been a couple through MAD and the first one was booked by my good friend Tim, but almost all the other tours were done by myself.

What do you think about booking agencies? Do you think hardcore bands need that or do you prefer DIY?

It really depends on a lot of things and the situations.  Most bands headed overseas will not be able to book their own tour, so an agency is very helpful in that situation. It also depends on your life and if you have the time. I think future Euro tours I will have an agency book just because my time is extremely limited and I wind up neglecting the booking process and I feel it hurts the tour. In America I feel like there are way too many young bands being booked by agents and not doing things themselves. Most people in bands have a sufficient amount of time on their hands and really should learn how to book their own tours. To a degree I do think that agents are starting to damage hardcore. It just seems so unnecessary a lot of the time.

All in all I support DIY more than anything. If you can do it yourself, do it. Don’t just have someone else do it because you are lazy..

We’re coming now to an end. Here is a bit brainstorming: what was the wildest show in germany? Your favorite musician? One person you really hate? Cats or Dogs? Pizza or Pasta? Beard or No Beard?

Wildest show in Germany would have to be Pressure Fest 2008. That was insane, I was not expecting that. It was the biggest show we have ever played as well, so that was very very cool. Our minds were just blown. But aside from that we’ve played many cool shows in the Ruhrpott area over the years, we have some really good friends from there. Favorite musician? hmmm… I guess drummer wise there are a ton, but I like Carter Beauford a lot. He’s sick. I hate Lars Ulrich, he sucks. Dogs and Pizza. But Pasta is bangin. How about Pasta on my Pizza? Also I enjoy the beard, but everyone else should shave theirs.

Thanks for the Interview John. You have the last words!

Thanks for the interview, it’s nice to know people have an interest. Pick up “END” out February 2015 on Get This Right Records, Beatdown Hardwear, and a tape on Filled With Hate! Check out my new band Sick Sad World, our self-titled record available for free download with a physical 7″ version out at some point in Spring/Summer 2015 on Get This Right Records.

Florian Fandrich

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