Hierophant – Interview

Mit “Peste” haben Hierophant meiner Meinung eines der stärksten Releases im letzten Quartal 2014 veröffentlicht. Und wenn die Herren aus Italien einmal den beschwerlichen Weg über die Alpen auf sich nehmen, um in Siegen ein Date ihrer Euro-Tour zu spieln, nutzen wir natürlich die Chance und reden mit Gitarrist Lorenzo und dem Rest der Bande über… Na was wohl!? Über Ihre Musik. Also kommt hier nach Mossat unser Interview mit Hierophant:

Loosley translated from the greek „Hierophant“ means: „Whistleblower of the holy secrets”. If you see yourselves as a kind of whistleblower, which secrets do you want to unfold to the listeners?

Actually we don’t have any secrets. We took Hierophant as a band name, cause we thought it sounds really good. Also we liked the idea what’s standing behind Hierophant. But we don’t have any secrets.

By reference to your albums we can see that you have a deep connection to your lyrics. Your last record “Peste” is also a concept work. Every single song is about a certain disease who infested the human kind. In your opinion, which is the greatest curse of mankind?

That’s a good question. Maybe it’s the humanity itself. We have 10 Songs on the record. And the songs deal with some special kind of feelings. And these feelings are the curse. Everything goes to end with Inferno, the last one, which is hell. Inferno is where everything ends. Your own personal hell.

The cover of „Peste“ shows a burning heaps of corpse, which are lit by a medieval plague doctor. Do you think obliteration is a solution for this problem, or how shall we interpret this artwork?

It was actually a notion that Steve, our singer, had on mind. It shows the destroyed world with corpses everywhere. And among all these corpses the doctor is the cure for all this. He wants to save us, but he can’t.

If we relate all this negative aspects for the human being, how do you free yourselves from them?

I think the only way to liberate ourselves is music. Playing music gives us a kind of freedom. We are just five people and too weak to change the whole society. But we can express our opinions while playing music.

Do you think it’s important as an individual to be citical towards the public opinion, imposed by society and media?

I think it’s important to find your own space in this world. That’s not always how the media wants you to look like and with playing music we found a space for ourselves. We play music because we like it. No matter whether it conforms to the norm of society. Of course we want to give a message to the listener, but at first we do it for ourselves.

Talking about conception. The maintheme of “Peste” is found very easy. But the notion of “Great Mother/Holy Monster” lies hidden to me. Do me a favor and enlighten me

To be honest our singer is the man behind all lyrics and conception, unfortunately he isn’t here today. He could tell you more about the concepts. But he just started a study so he can’t make it ot the tour. That’s why I am doing vocals on this tour. Nobody knew it before; it was a big surprise for everyone.

Your musical genre is wide-ranging and shows a symbiosis between different parts of Hardcore/Crust and Metal. Do you connote yourselves as a Hardcore or Metal band
or do you think such classification is more obstructive?

We call ourselves “Death Punk”. For a reason. Because we don’t like to get labeled. You know, like Hardcore or Metal. I think “Death Punk” are two fitting words that combine what we make. Death Metal with a Punk attitude.

For a European band who plays this style of music it is a little bit surprising to be signed by Bridge9 Records”. Tell us, where did this cooperation come from?

It was very surprising for us as well. When everything started with them we were very surprised, because Bridge9 normally deals with other genres. And now cooperating with us, playing “Death Punk”, seemed strange. But at the same time they are a very big and good label, with very good guys, so we said “Yes, why not!?” We are very happy about that decision. They push and support us in a good way and we are super happy to work with them.

By the publishing of a new work, a new phase of musical progress also takes place for a band. Are there already plans for 2015, or what do you assume for yourselves for the next year?

We will be in the UK at the end of January with Bastions. And we will be back around in Europe in February with Mutilation Rites from Brooklyn. That’s it for now, but we are working on more. Why not touring the States and Japan!? We are trying but it is hard to get there.

Is it hard to play in a Hardcore band in Italy? Here we know only the big bands from Italy, do you also have a local scene there?

It is very hard as this kind of band in Italy, because we have no local scene over there. We play 5-6 shows every year in Italy. Not more.
There is no space for our kind of music, there is no support for a small band like us. We have more support from people thousand kilometers away from home, than we have nearby where we live. That’s crazy. People here are more open minded for extreme music. Especially where we live, young people are more into mosh stuff. 2-3 years ago there was a big hype and every band started playing some mosh-sound. But that’s why we do what we do. Nobody plays music like us in Italy. We call Italy “shitaly”. One word decribes it. It’s a great country to live in and for food or vacation, but not for extreme music.

Thanks a lot for taking the time and giving us an interview. I hope the rest of your tour will be a success. The last words belong to you.

First thank you for the Interview and everything. Haha that’s always the last question. I could say Hi… or Bye.. or Thank you but that’s properly to granted.
Support us listen to “Peste” and bang
your head.

Michael Breuer / Paul Frenzel

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