MAD AT THE WORLD – Interview

Schon vor ein paar Tagen habe ich in meinem Review über “Destruction Progress” von MAD AT THE WORLD gezeigt, dass ich doch eine gewisse Euphorie für die Band empfinde. Diese führt sich in gewisser Weise im geführten Interview mit Sänger Ben fort, welcher so freundlich war, mir einige Fragen zu beantworten.

Mad At The World

Hey man! Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions. I really like your music and I am excited to read what you have to say. Let’s start with a short introduction of MAD AT THE WORLD. When was the band founded and how did it all evolve in the last months?

Hi! MATW started exactly a year ago now. We started to practice with 3 people, Goulven on guitar, Manu at the drums and me singing. After 2 or 3 practices, Manu asked his brother Mark to join the band. They already played a lot together in black and death metal bands (Antaeus, Eternal Majesty…) and I asked a good friend, Max (currently playing in a band called Lodges) to take the 2nd guitar. Our first show was in September 2013 with Desolated in Paris, then 2 weeks after with Xibalba , and then we went on tour with Ashes from Belgium in November to play in Belgium/Germany. Then I booked a whole French tour for us with No Turning Back in January this year. In February we recorded 2 songs and played a couple of shows since that. Now we’re working on our first album.

You released “Destruction Process” in March this year, what kind of reactions did you receive so far? How is the local scene in Paris reacting to your band and the released demo?

Reactions were good, but we had more messages from Belgium/Germany/Holland/USA than France. As usual, when a band is releasing something, demo or EP or whatever, people here don’t really care. If you’re not from America, people think you suck so, they won’t really listen to what you do. But in all the messages we had, people said that we sound like old bands from the 90s mixed with more current hardcore stuff and that’s cool for us cause it’s really what we wanted to be; a kind of mix between Obituary and Harm’s Way.

Speaking of release, will you release the demo as a physical version as well, maybe as a tape? You’ve also stated Taylor Young as responsible for the mixing. How did you get in contact and why did you go “around the globe” to get your demo especially mixed by “The Pit” ?

Basically we just wanted to release the demo on the internet, but more and more people asked us about a physical version of the 2 tracks. We talked with some labels and finally we’ll have a couple of tapes in September to sell at shows. It will also be available on internet through INJUSTICE RECORDS from Germany.

When we were thinking about these 2 tracks, we wanted to have a particular sound, since the beginning we had the idea to work with people in the US for the mixing and mastering. They have another view and other ideas on how to do things. We never wanted to sound like all the french bands, basic metal sound without any reliefs. As we loved the last Twitching Tongues prods and saw that Taylor did that, I just sent him a mail to know if he could be interested by doing the mixing. Everything went well and he told me that he works with Brad Boatright (From Ashes Rise) for the mastering. We trusted him and that’s it. At the end we’re happy with the result; we have a typical sound, that was what we wanted.

Since you are playing shows I can imagine that you have more than the two songs to offer, which are on your first release. Why did you only record those two songs? Did you want to save the rest for an upcoming release and just wanted to use the demo for promotional purposes or were the other songs not finished at that given moment?

After playing a couple of shows and going on tour twice, we wanted to give the opportunity to people to just listen to some songs we played. At that time we had like 6 songs but we were writing some new awesome ones. We came up with the idea to record the 2 best ones, and keep the rest for a future LP. 2 songs are enough to know what a band is about and I think people understood what we wanted to do. Next record will be a 6 tracks album, so this time you’ll all have more to listen to!

As I also wrote in my review of your demo, you got a lot of Kickback and Arkangel influences within your music but also combine it with a variation that those bands might be missing a bit, at least regarding vocal ranges. Would you say that those bands inspired you or are there other bands you want to mention as your musicial influences?

For sure we like these 2 bands, but we also have a lot of other influences: Obituary, Sepultura, Machine Head and Type O Negative….all the 90s metal/hardcore scene. New stuff like Harm’s Way, Twitching Tongues is also a good inspiration. We really started this band with this idea, to find a good mix between the bands we all love from the 90s and something more present. We’re pretty happy about what we do now.

How is living in Paris as an average citizen, especially if you are into the hardcore scene? I have heard the weirdest stories about shows in Paris with a lot of drug abuse, violent behavior, people stealing equipment and whatsoever. Please shed some light on those rumors.

Paris is a cool city to live in, but maybe not for hardcore or underground music in general, it’s not in our culture. We feel this difference when we play outside France. I’ve been in this scene for almost 15 years now, I’ve seen a lot of things, a lot of people coming and leaving. The support from the audience for the local bands doesn’t really exist, and it doesn’t help us. An average band in Germany can be hyped really fast when a really good band here can only play 2 shows in a year. People think it’s not that necessary to support your local bands, they’re all focusing on the US bands but it’s a mistake, if a whole country is supporting their bands, then the other countries will know that. To me, hardcore is all about going to the shows, doing shows, doing bands and so on, but you won’t find any guys of “big” bands at shows cause they just don’t care about that and people are still supporting these guys. That makes me sick when some guys from other small bands are at shows every time. They actually do more for the scene than them. But today everything has changed; internet has changed a lot of things too. In 10 minutes you can listen to 1000 bands from all over the world, there is no personal research, everything comes to you. But hey, I’m an old asshole so maybe it’s normal if I think that!

When I read the lyrics of the two songs you’ve released I assume that you guys don’t have much love for the world and its society in particular. What’s your view on nowadays life within the world? You are blaming and hating much in your songs but not offering solutions. Do you see the band just as an outlet for your rage or how does that come?

I write all the lyrics and show them to the rest of us to see if they all agree. I think we all have the same vision on some things. It’s sometimes more personal and they’re ok with that. My personal problems and things that happened to me help me to write songs. I’m not aware about what happens in the world, because I really don’t care. I have a lot to do with me and myself already. I try to make my life better every day, to take the good decisions. It’s really good for me to talk about a lot of bad things that happened in the past, or how I feel about some situations in my songs. I’m not here to give people some solutions about how we could solve the problem of hunger in the world for example. I don’t judge anything, I’ll never make political songs, I have my ideas on some things even if I don’t care about politics. I prefer to blame myself or the others about shit that happened to me in my past than trying to be someone that gives advices or whatever. My ideas aren’t better than yours, they’re just mine.

How many shows have you guys played so far and how was the reaction of the audience? I guess it’s not that easy to get people involved if there are only two songs that they can listen to at home.

We’ve played something like 25 shows for a year. We are all busy with our lives and other projects too. We also don’t want to play a lot, to not bother everybody. We have always had a good response from the audience even if we have only 2 songs online. People know what we’re about.

What are your plans for the future? Any new record, maybe even a full-length? I’ve read that you are planning to tour Europe in November with Belgium’s Blind Beliefs. How did you come in contact?

We’re starting to record our new album in August, recording will take 2 months or something. We have some contacts with labels to make a 12 inches LP, which would be sick. Recorded in France and once again mixed and mastered in the USA. We’re also playing 2 shows in Belgium in September and then leaving on tour in November for a 2 week Europe trip. I’m booking everything on my own so it’s a lot of work but I love doing it like this, talking to people, having a real relation with someone else. Like every time I’m booking a tour, I try to search for small promising bands to join us to tour with. We are all small bands, we need to help each other. For us it’s a good solution to do it like this and it’s always cool to share some days/weeks with some new people.

Since we love to support young bands, could you please just throw in some names of bands that our readers definitely should check out?

I’ll speak about our scene here first, we have a lot of good bands in Paris and France, as I said, I give more credits to people who move their asses for the scene than for those who stay at home, so don’t expect big names! Check: Jack Move, Raw Justice, Backboned, Hard to Handle, Cut Loose, Lodges, Hightower & Harm Done.

I guess we are done here, the last words are yours. Thanks a lot for the interview and I really hope that I can catch up a show at your upcoming tour!

Thanks a lot for the interview, we really appreciate it!

Markus Kasten

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