Bayside Kings – Interview

Some of you might have already taken a look into the current edition of the Between The Lines Fanzine where we featured a report about Brazil. Our second interview concerning São Paulo has been arranged in a talk over the merch table at the São Paulo Hardcore Fest. Bayside Kings had just finished their set and were enthusiastic about hopping on the SPHC report so we agreed on shooting some questions towards them.

Hey guys, thanks for joining our attempt to look into the São Paulo Hardcore scene! Please introduce yourselves and give us a picture of your band history.

Hi, my name is Milton, I am doing the vocals. Bayside Kings is a young band formed by members of the old and new school of Santos. Since 2010 with the proposal to play hardcore for passion, we believe this is more than music, it´s the energy, the fuel to transform all negativity and weight of the day-by-day into something positive. We have done a lot of things in a short time, we worked hard, swam against the tide, all that we want, we do at the right time. In our discography there is „The way back home“ EP (2012), two singles: „Share 2 multiply“ (2012) and „Count on me“ (2013), the „Warship“ EP (2013) and we are ready to launch our first full length „Waves of Hope“ soon.

We did a whole tour in Brazil and Argentina last year and we are ready for more. We had a blast, met all our heroes and played alongside bands such as Bad Religion, Madball, Terror, Parkway Drive, Anchor, United and Strong, Rufio, Los Crudos, No Turning Back, Cruel Hand, Billy The Kid, We Ride, Mute, Close Your Eyes and Brazilian legends like Ratos de Porão, Paura, Questions and Dead Fish, which taught us a lot about all that we love. And we are ready for the next page…

Your style seems heavy, yet melodic and more foreign influenced to me. But speak for yourselves, which bands have been influential for your development?

We are five people who love hardcore, but bring different strengths and influences with us, which gives us a unique characteristics and personality. We are directly influenced by Suicidal Tendecies, Terror, Madball, Casey Jones, Stick To Your Guns, Biohazard and national bands like Paura, Questions, Ratos de Porão, Dead Fish and Charlie Brown Jr., always mixing old school with the new, putting our personality in our music.

Former this year, Germanys metalcore heavy-weights Heaven Shall Burn toured Brasil. Unfortunately I missed to catch them at one of their shows. Did you manage to see one of their shows?

Yes, of course, we had the honor to play along with the German legend Heaven Shall Burn on the same show with the Australian machine Parkway Drive. HSB is a unique band, the weight of the instruments and good politicized lyrics make this one of the most active forces in Europe. When they opened with „The Weapon They Fear“ I was in shock and afterwards I met the guys who did a tour here. Especially the drummer, he has a “brazilian soul” and gave us good tips.

You’ve played various shows across the state of Sao Paulo. How does small shows differ from the bigger ones? What is the hardcore scene in Santos about?

All shows have the same importance for us. No matter if we have 1.000 or 10 people, the energy is unbreakable. São Paulo is considered the center of hardcore in Brazil according to the historical facts, the bands, concerts and all the legacy over the years. São Paulo is our second home, we made great friends there as well as across the country and outside.

Santos is our home, our love and we are pups of another hardcore generation, much respect. Different from São Paulo, Santos has a long tradition of melodic bands. Together with other friends who love hardcore to work things out, we created a festival called FEST FUBU (For us by us), mixing hardcore and underground culture. It has two stages, like a battle, but the truth is the greatest celebration of life we have.

In our quick talk at the SPHC Fest, you’ve stated that you might tour Europe soon. Did you already tour a lot in South America or how did you come across the idea of going there? Are you arranging all of the stuff on your own or do you have somebody helping you? When can we expect to see you play over there?

Last year we did a tour in Argentina totally DIY, we don’t expect anything falling from the sky. This year we are struggling to tour Argentina and Chile again with our full CD, we also have some friends helping. We need this experience to achieve our goal in 2015: Europe. We need to do this. And we’ll work hard, I hope to see you in Europe my friend.

For your further plans we wish you best of luck. Any shout-outs, any bands that our readers should check out? The final words are yours!

Thanks for the space, the new friendship, we hope everyone can know BAYSIDE KINGS, stay tuned for our new CD „Waves of hope“ coming next year. Brazil has many good bands for all hardcore lovers, search for all these bands: Questions, Paura, Clearview, Bullet Bane, Blackjaw, Dead Fish, DPR and many others. We’ll see you next year. Stay true fellas. Hardcore Lives!

Simon Flender

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