Cold Hand Records – Interview

Small D.I.Y. Hardcore labels emerge from nowhere like never before, which is quite much of a good thing in my opinion. One of those labels caught my attention with their label concept. The label i am talking about is Cold Hand Records from the USA which was founded under the name Akkadian Records and changed its name lately. The label’s focus on 90’s-style Metalcore and Hardcore caught my attention immediately because i have been waiting for some kind of 90s revival for a long time. From my own interest in Cold Hand Records I came to the decision of doing an interview with its founders Devin and Jesse. 

Cold Hand Records

Hey guys! How are you doing today? Can you shortly introduce yourselves and Cold Hand Records to our readers?

Jesse: My name is Jesse Reger and I am one half of of the duo behind Cold Hand Records.
Devin: My name is Devin Amann and I am the the other half of the duo behind Cold Hand Records.

You guys started the label together, right? What was your motivation to do so? How did you come to the idea to release Hardcore music on your own?

Jesse: In the beginning I was just running my fanzine and Devin was running Akkadian Records. A little bit after that I decided that I also wanted to release some music and came up with the name Cold Hand Records. I got a few releases lined up and then me and Devin joined forces!

Your label just changed it’s name from Akkadian Records to Cold Hand Records. Are there any special reasons for changing the name?

Devin: Originally I was operating under the name Akkadian, but was approached by a bigger record label who was interested in purchasing the name for a future endeavor of theirs. So after some back-and-forth, I relinquished the name Akkadian Records to them and decided to team up with Jesse on Cold Hand Records!

There’s something special about your label. You are not focussing on Hardcore music as a whole but on bands that kind of play the style that was so prominent on labels like Victory or Goodlife Records during the 90s. What do you find that fascinating about 90s Hardcore music?

Jesse: My fascination with 90s hardcore started when I found a big lot of 7” records at my local record shop. In that lot was Integrity, Xessive ForceX, Torn Apart and a bunch more. Listening to those records really opened up a whole new realm of music to me. I had previously been very into Youth Crew, but something about the attitude of 90s hardcore resinated deeper within me. I still love all hardcore, and will always listen to every sub genre, but 90s influenced hardcore will aways have my heart.
Devin: As with Jesse, I used to be very into Youth Crew. I had a friend of mine do a vinyl trade with me and in his package was the Statement – „Prepare For Battle“ 7″. This was my first introduction to Hardline and the XVX movement of the 90s. I was immediately hooked. There was just something about how passionate and militant the bands in this movement were, and how it took the world by storm.

Veganism and Straight Edge played a huge role during the 90s. Do these ideologic aspects bear any relevance for you guys and Cold Hand Records?

Jesse: I am Straight Edge and Vegan, but Cold Hand Records is not a straight edge or vegan record label.

Jesse, besides Cold Hand Records you are also running the In Your Blood Fanzine. Can you tell us some words about your zine?

Jesse: In Your Blood Fanzine was started in mid 2014 and is a zine dedicated to hardcore from the 90’s till now. Our first issue was released about 4 months ago and was well received, so we were very happy about that. The second issue of IYB will be out later this month and feature interviews with James Hart of Eighteen Visions, Abnegation, Chokehold and Old Wounds. If your interested check out

In Your Blood Zine

Your label is still quite young. Can you give us an overview about the bands you have worked with in your short label-history?

Devin: When I operated as Akkadian Records, I released a tape of my buddy’s band Dislocated. They’re a local 90s metalcore-influenced band from my hometown of San Antonio, TX. This tape will be re-released on Cold Hand Records.

Are there any records you are working on right now?

Jesse: Right now we have a few projects in the works, our first release as Cold Hand Records is going to be xLAIRx’s „Wrath Of The Immaculate” on cassette, followed by a reissue of Torn Apart’s „1995 Demo“.

Devin: We will also being releasing Vamachara’s new EP „Lapse“, as well as a demo tape for FL’s Ramses.

What does the future hold for Cold Hand Records? Are there any plans for the near future?

Devin: The label has already received a lot of support thus far. All we can do is continue to put out quality releases and working with quality bands.

If you had the chance to pick one band you could work with, which one would it be?

Jesse: Old Wounds, they are my favorite band.
Devin: One of my favorite current bands is Decadence from Spain. I’d love to do a release for them.

Can you recommend some modern bands that play the 90s style to our readers?

Jesse: Spinebreaker, Vamachara, Old Wounds, Forced Order, xLAIRx.
Devin: A Life Of Torment, xLAIRx, Pulled Under, Vatican, Decadence, Funerals, Old Wounds, Fourth Crusade and Psylocke.

Last but not least: Name your top 5 90s Hardcore/Metalcore records!


  1. Lifeless „Lifeless“
  2. Torn Apart – „Extermination“
  3. Excessive Force – „In Your Blood“
  4. Green Rage„Green Rage“
  5. Abnegation – „As Stone Strikes The Cedar“


  1. Abnegation – „In The Eye Of The Storm“
  2. Prayer For Cleansing – „The Rain in Endless Fall“
  3. Killtheslavemaster – „Artisans of Dominion, Part 1“
  4. Zao – „Where Blood and Fire Bring Rest“
  5. Hatebreed – „Satisfaction is the Death of Desire

Thank you for the interview! The last words are up to you!

Jesse: I would like to thank all of the people who have supported us, Life Lair Regret Records, Bound By Modern Age Records, Blasphemous Records, Vegan Records, DJ Radtke for making me cool shirts, Chris Logan, Kevin Iavaroni, Justin Sitner and Joey and Mikaela Addeo.
Devin: Just a quick shoutout to all the homies that have supported me over the years. Steven Callaway at Outlast Records, the Fitzsimmons twins at Life Lair Regret Records, Mr. xRULEx at Bound By Modern Age Records, Jonny and Jack at Rage Records, Oliver at Liberation Records, Jorge Gomez and Jorge Ponce of the Laredo hardcore scene, y’all are the really MVPs! Also, shoutout to TXHC, I’d be nothing without it. Shoutout to Michael Atkinson, James Castanon, Brendan Coughlin, Jesse Reger, and anyone else I forgot! HARDCORE RULES!

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