Eat Me Fresh – Interview

Eat Me Fresh hailing from Czech Republic are going on tour soon with Swamps from USA. We talked about the upcoming tour, their latest release „Facing The Truth“ and their deal with Powertrip Records from Germany.

Eat Me Fresh
Eat Me Fresh

Hey Guys! Thanks a lot for your time to answer my questions. For those who don’t know you yet, could you please introduce your band and give us a short summary of your band’s history?

Hey dude, we are EAT ME FRESH from Czech Republic, Hannes and Mara started a band in 2010, after few member changes in 2013 Tomas started to play with us and in that time we started to play more active. After a while we decided to go London to work there, cause in Czech Republic it would be quite difficult to spare money to go on our first Europe tour. We went on our first big tour that was with about 50 shows. After this tour our drummer Marklos had to leave us so in late 2014 and Josef started to play with us and he perfectly fits, this is who we are now and we hope we will be forever.

Like I quoted in my review of your LP a friend of mine told me that “Eat Me Fresh sounds more like a sticker on an Avocado” – what does your name really stands for and how did you come to it?

Hannes came with an idea and everyone took his own thing from the name, and that’s what we think is the best. We are fresh, you should be too.

Your debut LP “Facing The Truth” goes into another direction than your last video release “True Love Pt. 2”. How did that come? What were your influences on your way to the record?

The music changes are just same as our parts of our lives, we were living in the East Czech in the country side in that time we wrote „True Love Pt. 2“ and „Sad//Happy“ it was a very great experience and we have met people that inspired us, but still in every song that we play is a part of us that you can find in „True Love Pt. 2“ and „Facing The Truth„. The influences might be from the bands that we listen most like Broken Teeth, TUI, Power Trip, Survival, Leeway, Twitching Tongues, Rotting Out and etc.

You are now part of the Powertrip Records family along with bands like Lowest Create and Gone To Waste and I think you fit perfectly in that roster. How did you get to know Hannes?

Yes, its great we are so pleased for the opportunity to be in the Powertrip Records family, actually it’s one of our dreams that came true. We have contacted Hannes few times before but he never responded, but then Hannes contacted our Hannes regarding a show for Hollow Truth, Lowest Creature and Cold Reality in Czech Republic so we booked a show in our hometown (Marianske Lazne or Marienbad in german language) and the show went well, we had a lot of fun with our boys in all the bands. We stayed in contact with Hannes and after few shows we played in Germany he asked us if we would like to do it, so we happily agreed.

You are from the Czech Republic which is not really known for a large Hardcore scene beside regular shows in Prague. How would you describe it yourself? Does your band take place more in your homeland or do you profit from the vital Hardcore scene in Germany?

Yeah, the scene isn’t very good in Czech Republic, we got only two places that we could really say that are with people that come to shows, still not people that listen to hardcore though. We wouldn’t say we profit from the German scene, but we love it there and we have built another family there with great bands and friends that we always love to meet, like everywhere around Europe, so we can’t wait to back on tour in October, we are very excited about the UK shows that we are gonna have. UK is quite a new for us we had only two shows there till now!

You will soon go on tour with Swamps from USA. Do you know the guys or are you still to meet them? What do you expect from this tour and for what city/country are you the most excited? After that tour you’ve already accomplished a lot of shows in Europe in and around your own homeland. What are the plans for the next years?

Yes we are so excited! The boys in Swamps are one of the friendliest bands we have ever met, we have played two shows together in Germany and we really had great time and we knew we have to do more shows together. As we said before we are very excited about the UK but mostly we are excited about seeing our friends and playing different places every night. Oh yes, we have traveled quite a lot, we have never been in Spain or Portugal so we hope we will sort something out soon but for now we just started working on a tour in the USA and Canada for next July-August and on South and West Africa for September 2017. We will be on another Europe tour with few other bands from the Powertrip Records family this December, but keep updated for more details about this, we will post it in the right time.

Which Hardcore band in the last five years would you call the most influential and how did that band affect yourself as a person and as a band?

From the live bands that we have played with it’s Twitching Tongues – the loudest bands we have ever played with, amazing! Leeway – the energy and the groove is unbelievable, we can’t describe in words, people you have to see it. Risk It! – one of the bands that always helped us when we needed it, this band will never die and the spirit in it too, they inspired us more by how they play a lot. And mainly it has to be Rotting Out and Broken Teeth, these two bands are the bands that helped us and inspired us a lot!

I wish you all the best with your record and the last words are yours. Na shledanou!

Thank you so much for the opportunity to do this, your zine is one of the best ones in Europe, we always love to carry one home from a german show, we hope you guys will keep on going and we wish you much luck and success! Stay fresh and don’t burry the youth! #420

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