Fire In The Blood – Interview

Pennsylvania ist bekannt dafür ein umfassendes Sortiment an qualitativ starken Hardcore Bands vorzuweisen. Mal abgesehen von den ganzen großen Namen rücken immer wieder kleine und unbekanntere Bands nach und bilden die Stützpfeiler für die gesamte Szene Pennsylvanias.

Fire In The Blood ist zum Beispiel eine der sogenannten neuen Bands, welche mich bereits nach dem ersten Durchhören ihrer Debut EP „The Darkness In Goodbye“ erobert hat.

Wenn ich mir so die aktuell kursierenden Bands anschaue, wirkt die Band mit ihrem Mix aus Melodic/Metal Hardcore sehr erfrischend auf mich, auch wenn ich nach dem Lesen der Lyrics erstmal eine Packung Antidepressiva einnehmen musste. Heutzutage sieht man auch selten noch eine Band die auf 2000er Breakdowns zurückgreift, wie man es damals von Black My Heart gewohnt war, dennoch passt es perfekt zum Gesamtbild von „The Darkness In Goodbye„.

Da mich die Band einfach überzeugt hat habe mich mit der Band in Kontakt gesetzt und um ein kurzes Interview zur Vorstellung ihrer Band gebeten. Cole war so gut und hat mir ein paar Fragen zur Szene und seiner Band beantwortet:

Hey Cole, thanks for agreeing answering our questions. It feels good to interview such a fresh and young band again. How are you and how did you like the 2018 Brick By Brick Fest in Pennsylvania?

I’m doing great man, thanks for setting up this interview! Brick By Brick was absolutely awesome this year!

We are sure our readers would love to get to know you a bit better before we talk about your band and the Pennsylvania hardcore scene! So tell us how old are you and what brought you into the hardcore scene?

I’m 25 now and when I was around 12, a friend of mine in school made me a cd with bands like Job For A Cowboy, The Number 12 Looks Like You, Underoath, and since then he has shown me a lot of heavy bands. I got into hardcore right around 16 years old.

In my opinion Pennsylvania seems great, you guys have so many great bands like Wisdom In Chains, No Reason To Live and Strength For A Reason. However, I´m interested in hearing from someone who is an active member in the pahc scene. How is the scene actually doing right now and how would you describe PAHC?

The Pahc scene is stronger than ever I think. There are so many new bands starting and im very excited to see where 2018 takes everyone.

Bands come and go – that´s how it works here in Germany and probably also in the states. Is there a band that you miss from being around? If so, what do you associate with this band that makes them so important to you?

I’d have to say Menace. Their music was very in your face and the lyical content was something everyone could relate to in one way or another. Plus they are some of my best friends, which made it that much cooler.

Fire In The Blood is your new project, who is playing in the band and how did it come about?

Myself, Shane, Dan, Tyler and Clay. Tyler and Dan started writing songs almost a year ago and then thats when Clay and Shane came into it all and they asked me to join after having some songs written.

Tell us something about your first release on Death Quick Records! How would you describe your style and what did you set as the goal for your future plans?

There was originally 5 or 6 songs already written and we decided to write 5 more for our first release. I’d say we have a more fast-paced, almost melodic style. We plan to write more songs and hopefully put out a new EP very soon!

Beforehand our interview, you told me that the Brick By Brick Fest was organized by several freinds of yours. Do you know what made them set up a big fest like BBB?

I don’t wanna speak for all of them, but they´re trying to give something back to hardcore and have a cool big show for central PA every year.

There is a huge number of new and awesome bands, is there any of these that you would recommend to our readers?

Year Of The Knife, Jesus Piece, Sanction, Vamachara, Foul Play, Vile Mentality, Bloodbather, Decoy, Revenge Season, Six Year Suffering, Paper Trail, Dead & Dreaming, Watchdogs, Inclination. Some are somewhat new and some are brand new, but they are bands to definitely pay attention to.

A lot of people are saying hardcore is dead! What do you think about this attitude?

The people who say that are the same people who don´t come out to their local shows and support them. Hardcore is very well alive and the fakes will weed themselves out soon enough.

We are almost done! Thank you very much for taking the time to answer our questions, it´s much appreciated. The last words are up to you!

Thank you again for taking the time to do this interview for myself and my band. We really appreciate it. Hardcore is worldwide and is something I’ve loved from a young age. Go to local shows, not just big festivals. Support your scene. It all starts with you. Thanks Fernando!