h2o – Interview

Our boy Marv just got the chance to interview Adam Blake of the infamous h2o about their new record. Go!


It’s been seven years since your last Full Length. What has changed after „Nothing To Prove“ and how did this release change the bands career?

Its kind of too early to tell as the record has barely been out 2 months and its still very new. As far as what has changed since the last record, I think waiting 7 years made us really hungry to deliver the very best record we could. When you take this much time between releases, it does place a certain amount of pressure to make sure that whatever you put out, doesn’t disappoint and I think that kind of pressure is healthy for us and brings out our very best.

You demo-ed the first songs while you were on tour with Terror a few years ago. Are you guys comfortable with writing new material on the road or do you wish to have the time to write songs in a steady surrounding?

I think both approaches have merit. Music is an intangible thing and its hard to predict when the good stuff is gonna show up. I think you just have to constantly be writing, regardless of the external situation and that way you have more chances at bat to really hit it out of the park.

In „‪#‎NotRealLife‬“ you critizise the wrong use of social media. You are singing about people who want the world to see something they are not. Do you think there is a general overuse of social media or is it just the wrong way that kids deal with the medium?

I definitely think the world is very different these days due to effects of social media. Its a very double edged sword in that on the one hand, you have people telling their stories and sharing their ideas, that would never have had the opportunity or voice to do so without social media. On the other hand, you have things like cyber bullying and things like that. In my mind, I believe that our technology might be evolving a step or two ahead of our consciousness and I believe that as we narrow that gap, social media and similar technologies will become a much more positive thing.

If H2O would do a cover album not to show their roots, but their nowadays influences … what do you think would be on this album? Which of the bands of the present would you guys like to cover?

I don’t think it would have much hardcore on it. We tend to listen to a wide variety of music and I think most of the hardcore and punk stuff any of us listen to is likely from an older period and we probably did it on the last covers album. I would say off the top of my head, if all of us threw names into the hat for bands to cover, you might find artists like Coldplay, Nine Inch Nails, U2, Fugazi, Faith No More, Bob Marley, The Police, etc, etc…..probably some pop type stuff as well. Its hard to say because we all have very open minds and very open ears and we all listen to a ton of diverse stuff.

How is the response for „Use Your Voice“ up to this date? Are you guys happy with how the new songs were perceived?

So far, its going great! The songs are getting a great live reaction and I’m sure its only gonna get better…like I said above, its still a very new record so there is a long way to go yet!

What was the most astonishing thing that ever happened throughout the span of your 20 year long career?

I’d say having a 20 year career…period! That’s the most astonishing thing. Being able to tour the world and play this music for such a long time is something I don’t think any of us could have predicted and we truly know how blessed we are.

Does a band like H2O still have goals about what they want to achieve? What might that be?

I would say our current goal is to keep finding the joy in what we do….if we can do things in such a way that the band always remains fun and life affirming, I would consider us a great success.

You guys posted a picture of a fan with your signatures tattooed on one leg. Lot of fans send you pictures of their H2O Tattoos. What do you think when you see that kids around the world are this dedicated to your band?

Of course, it is truly humbling that they care so much. The feeling is a combination of pride, overwhelm and perhaps a little pressure to make sure that the person with the tattoo never regrets getting it. That we can always do things and represent things in a way that the person can always be proud of.

Did the last years on tour change the way you think about making music and being on the road? Do you wish to take a break or would you guys love to go on like this for another 20 years?

Its funny, as we are very much coming to terms with just that at the moment. We have realized that we aren’t 20 years old anymore and that we need to tour in a smarter, more long term sustainable way. Like I said above, we want to keep things fun, inspiring and although I don’t see us taking a long break, I do think we will tour in a way that works more for our current lives.

Famous last words: What is your advice for the kids nowadays? How can they start using their voices?

Find what you truly love to do and do it to the best of your abilities…..the universe will take care of the rest. Money is a false god and if you follow what is in your heart, then you will have a life well lived. Thanks.

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