Tim Louth (Cold Hard Truth/Tantrum) – Interview

Cold Hard Truth sind zurück, und das härter denn je! Am 15. September erscheint das neuste Werk names “Truthgetta” via Filled With Hate Records. Ich hatte die Freude mit Sänger Tim, ein interessantes Gespräch über die neue Walze, und die Band im Generellen zu führen. Viel Spaß beim Lesen!

Cold Hard Truth
Cold Hard Truth

Hey Tim, thank you for doing this interview! How are you at the moment? How is everything going? I’ve read about the accident of your bass player Joe. How is he doing?

Yeah I’m fine, everything’s cool and slowly coming together, we’ve had some hard times to face and Joe being the most recent with his bad car accident. It was a massive shock to us all, the kid is very lucky to be alive, his recovery rate has been outstanding! Way ahead of time. I do believe that the support he has had from the day one from everyone has helped considerably with his recovery. So finally I would like to thank anyone who donated or supported Joe in any way… Big up! Slowly but surely CHT is back up and running after this years shit blizzard.

The newest CHT Record is called “Truthgettha” and will be released in September. The cover already looks hard! What does the title mean? What is it all about?

Unfortunately for me and CHT I ended up with a lengthy prison sentence back in 2011, which interfered dramatically with the progression of our music, and any new material being created. Incarceration resulted in me witnessing constant failures and let downs from so called friends and associates. Without going into detail it was a very frustrating dark time for me, but I picked myself up and dusted myself down, eventually took a positive from a negative and channelled revenge, aggression and hate into my music. So this gave me a theme on what the next album was going be about. “Truthgetta” was the start of a new beginning. “Truthgetta” is what it says on the tin, basically about getting out the slammer, and torturing certain individuals to find out the truth. Lucky for me and the band I was allowed a guitar inside, so riffs were made and lyrics were written. It has been expressed into a ball of aggro and violence… for me this album is very deep!

“Truthgetta” will be released via Filled With Hate Records. How did this collaboration happen?

We had planned to self-release the record for several reasons, but life just got in the way, car crashes and line-up changes and battling to honour commitments was a tough focus. So self-releasing became increasingly unlikely. Craw had been a bass player for the best part of 15yrs in HC/Metal bands so stepping up to the guitar in CHT was big leap for him. I mention that as it was his suggestion that we talk to FWH. It was a reactive decision that needed to be made quickly. I’d invested years of my life into this not to mention thousands of pounds, I wanted “Truthgetta” out … NOW! Craw has known Axl and Nils for many years, through bands he’s been in and recommended their approach, professional and efficient and established yet maintaining DIY ethics. FWH have always supported the heavy end of the HC/Metal scene and that’s were CHT fits. Within a few weeks of talking, a deal had been agreed that both parties are happy with.

I thought it is impossible to beat the aggression and brutality of “Deliver The Fear” and “Reflect The Conflict”, but then I listened to your newest banger called “C4-26” and I’m totally psyched! Do you think “Truthgettha” will be the hardest CHT Record so far?

Yeah “Deliver The Fear” was pretty hard! “Reflect The Conflict” was nails too, but we were just finding our roots back then, and because of the amount of time since our last release I felt I had to up the game. So with this album I have tried to push the envelope as much as possible. I feel it’s worked exceptionally well, a little more technical than recent but better dynamics, riffs tempo changes, vocal patterns and lyrics. Even though our songs have numerous amounts of tempo changes it still has flow. Ian Kings ability on drums is phenomenal, so it’s enabling me to place certain riffs to certain beats that I couldn’t succeed with before with previous drummers, therefore making it as brutal and slamming as possible. When listening back to material written I expect to be gritting teeth and clenching fists… if not then I know it’s not right and not acceptable. I can honestly say “Truthgetta” is the hardest and most ignorant music I have written to date for CHT.

It seems that you write most of the CHT riffs. Is that correct? If yes, where do you get all those riff ideas? Are there bands that inspire you during the writing process?

Yeah, all CHT riffs are made from me, to be honest I write all the material for CHT. Ian will add and change the odd beat and fill to suit and in the past the other members have had a slight input but as a rule it’s nailed from the beginning. As far as riff ideas and who has influenced me through my music years could be a never ending answer… so to just keep it as short and to the point as possible I would like to say on the hardcore side of things bands like Crawlspace, Bulldoze, Hatebreed, Nasty, and the mighty mighty Irate gave me inspiration. On the metal front its bands like Dying Fetus, Despised Icon and Arkangel that inspire me greatly.

You guys posted a trailer for “Truthgetta” a week ago. I perceived a clean guitar in the background. Will there be a few experimental things on the new record?

Yeah, there are two acoustic tracks as such on the new album, being the only parts of it that I didn’t write. The first track on “Truthgetta” named “The Fallen” was created by Damo Toomer. This has sentimental value to him, so it was a no brainer to be an album opener. Half way through the album you will hear another acoustic track named “Holding It Down“… without mentioning names, it was shown to me by a close friend that I shared my sentence with. So through respect to this person I decided to split the album with this guys tune. As he helped me through some dark times. So both tracks have important meanings. I wouldn’t say it’s a new way CHT are goin’, but I like the emphasis and impact hard and soft music has between them.

Cold Hard Truth - Truthgetta Cover

What do you think about the current beatdown bands? What are your favorite bands right now?

Before I went away I was aware that “beatdown” was just a part of a song, but now for some strange reason it’s classed as a genre?! But anyway all I can say on this subject is there is good and bad. In all genres of music and everyone has different tastes, personally I prefer the originals in this style but that’s not to say I don’t like more recent releases as there is some excellent up and coming bands. I think the biggest downfall of beatdown today is how some bands have such a big reaction from a crowd, by not having any song structure whatsoever. For me in hardcore and “beatdown” especially, it’s vital to be precise with the links and joins of different riffs and tempos, this is key to creating catchy and the most aggressive music ever to be invented. Some bands have it nailed while some are mediocre and have just jumped on the band wagon. As far as favourite beatdown bands I’m goin to go with Nasty, Bun Dem Out, Crawlspace, Irate, Bulldoze, Shattered Realm, Unit731, 50 Caliber, Surge Of Fury and the list goes on.

What do you think about the scene in general these days?

Here’s my take on hardcore now: On one hand, it’s great to see a lot of young people getting involved in different ways and keeping the scene strong. Whether it’s starting bands or putting on shows, not to mention some of the older heads still getting involved and doing their bit. There’s a lot of passion and dedication out there, with a lot of new and creative ideas being brought to the table. However it’s also disappointing to see the there are a lot of talented bands, who are putting a lot of hard work and sacrifice into doing the thing they love, being side-lined for whoever the latest internet sensation might be at that time.

Can you give us a short look into CHTs future plans?

Keeping this as brief as I can, I can only say CHT has literally been to hell and back and we are still hanging in there. With me being the only original member left, I’d like to say looking back its madness to say were still running as a band. I believe we have a good few years left in us and we are trying our hardest to make up for lost time by cramming as many shows in as we can, which isn’t easy to fit round our everyday lives… Skelly and Damo left the band nearly at the same time which put a spanner in the works for some time. But we are pulling through OK! With a new line up. Literally as soon as “Truthgetta” drops I will be writing new stuff for the next album… Finally I would just like to thank the people who has helped and supported CHT from the beginning.. 10 year anniversary next year bring it on!

That’s it! Thank you so much for this interview, I wish you guys all the best and hope that I will get the chance to see you live as soon as possible. Of course the last words are up to you.

Finally would just like to thank everyone who has supported us throughout the years! Big respect to you all, keep supporting hardcore, keep going to shows and keep up the crowd kill.

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