Time Walk – Interview

Time Walk from Springfield, USA just got some serious attention after releasing their 2016 Promo Tape. With a heavy 90s influenced sound they appeal to fans of bands like Merauder or old Hatebreed. We just reviewed their latest release here and got the chance to ask them some questions now. So here we go.

Time Walk Logo
Time Walk Logo

Hey guys! Thank you very much for taking the time to answer my questions. I got to know you when Adrian and Fernando reviewed your 2016 Promo Tape for our blog. Really heavy and great stuff. How was the feedback so far?

We have gotten a lot of good feed back from people so far from the promo tape. Have definitely seen a growth in fan base since that tape dropped so I think it’s safe to say that we hit the nail on the head with those 2 songs.

While I was doing some research on your band I saw that your Facebook page is pretty small compared to how well done your music sounds like and how well it is produced. How “big” is your band in your local scene? Do you feel like a part of it and appreciated by the local folks?

As far as on a local point, we are as well known around here as just about any other local hardcore band. The scene here is pretty small and we haven’t had a lot of opportunity to tour so our growth is coming slowly, but there a lot of opportunities for us in the near future to start getting our music out there more. We haven’t had a ton of gigs here locally as of recently and I think we have only played like 4 shows recently. We have played more out of town than we have locally.

Time Walk Live
Time Walk Live

I would describe your sound as a mix between Merauder, Machine Head and Sepultura. Would you consider those bands as influences to your sound? In general you sound rather like 90s bands instead of more modern stuff. Why is that so? Are you bored by the current state of modern hardcore?

All of the above we find as influences. The band started out as a kinda Merauder worship sound but as we went on more metal influences came in. Our new record we are working on has a lot more of a metal feel than anything we have released so far. I wouldn’t say we are bored or modern hardcore, we all listen to hardcore and love it, but we just derive more of our influence from metal bands. We kinda wanna keep that middle ground that appeals to both the hardcore and metal crowds.

When I listened to your demo “Path To Exile” I couldn’t help but to notice that most of your songs and also your bandname are influenced by Magic The Gathering cards. Did you guys play in the past or are still actively playing? And does one bandmember even own a legit “Time Walk”? (a card worth round about 1000$+)

Me (Tyler) and our vocalist JD both played magic in the past. I only played for a year or so but JD had a lot more time in the game than I did. Unfortunately we are no longer playing but would both like to get back in in the future. And none of us own an actual Time Walk card. We don’t have the money for that ha.

Time Walk Live
Time Walk Live

Beside the Magic influences you seem to hang pretty much on the Samurai/Japan stuff. It also reminded me somehow of the “Master Killer” video from Merauder. Who is responsible for your artworks and what’s behind that connection?

The only connection we have to the Japanese themed art is that we think it is badass. As i said earlier we started as a Merauder worship sounding band and the record „Master Killer“ heavily inspired our art style. All the art we have so far we have just done ourself as a band with the exception of our logo, that was drawn up by our friend Tanner Caruthers. Guy is a great artist and if anyone reading this needs art for anything, get ahold of us and we will get you in contact with him.

MTG: Time Walk

I’ve read that you want to put out a 7” this summer. How it’s going with that release? Any details you could give us here? How many songs, format, on which label etc.

At one point that was the plan, but now the project is going to end up at a 12″ that will be out early 2017. We finished the recordings a few weeks ago and tracks are being mastered now. It will be a 6 song record and we will more than likely tease one of the songs later this year. It will be out on digital and vinyl and will be released independently and we will distro through Outlast Records out of California. We are currently open to any other labels that may have interest in doing distro as well.

So the last words are yours, if you wanna give shoutouts or drop some additional info, feel free to do so! Thank you very much for your time!

Thank you for doing this interview and to everyone else out there in Germany supporting us, the international support means a lot. Shout out to our local Springfield boys for all their support since the beginning. Huge shout out to Kevin Brooks from Landmark Recordings for doing such a great job on our tape and 12″. We got a lot of things coming later this year/early next year so keep an eye out on our social medias for announcements.

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