Absolve – Selftitled EP Review

So here it is, my first review in English. Not my first choice when it comes to written language though. But I guess when a band gives you the opportunity and trust to write about their first release, you should write in a language they understand. Also I think that if a teaser, which is just a few seconds long, from a band which is not even really present within the scene, is shared like crazy on your Facebook timelime, then this might be something big. And this is where Absolve comes into play. Those five guys from the Netherlands / Belgium just popped up straight out of nowhere with their teaser for their song “Roaches” and they got a lot of feedback for that one. One day after the song was released via Bandcamp it got shared over 30 times. For a band that wasn’t even on Facebook two weeks before I guess that is something you could count as a statement.

Absolve Live

And you could also guess that those guys are not unexperienced and you would’ve guessed right. Two folks from Absolve are playing also in Blind Beliefs, which should be known by now in most parts of Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands. Also one of the guys did fill in on drums for Redemption Denied.

This is where we should talk about the sound of the EP because Redemption Denied is a very good association for that one. The EP sounds really raw, rough and hard. You get a lot hard riffs and really pissed off vocals which are sounding quite similar to Kasper’s from mentioned Redemption Denied. And if you take in account that Kasper’s vocals are one of the best in Europe right now I would say that is something really cool.

The whole selftitled EP contains four songs and an intro and you’ll get exactly what “Roaches” promised you. Rough hardcore songs with a touch of old Hatebreed and a whole lot of modern mosh parts. There are no features on the record as far as I heard and I think that is totally fine. Especially on their first release the band probably wants to show their own ability of creating music and not showing off with cool names on a feature list.

The lyrics are somehow special on that release. The texts to the songs are not quite long and not even very complex. The sentences are kept pretty short which might be due to the style of singing from the vocalist. Even the topics are pretty common, the texts are about friendship, betrayal, personal loss and stuff like that. But there is something in the way how these texts are written: in all simplicity, they reach out to me. They don’t feel that common and I can sense a personal touch to them which makes them credible for me. Also the easy sentence structure makes them a lot easier to sing along and to memorize.

So here we are, at the end of the selftitled EP of Absolve. If you like heavy hardcore and especially Redemption Denied, there is no way you can dodge this release. My favorite songs are “Roaches” and “Side By Side“, the latter is outstandingly heavy. So check out the band, their bandcamp, visit a show and grab some merch. I remember when Fabian Save My Soul carried me to one of the first Redemption Denied shows and told me “Dude, check this band out. Trust me, this will be a really big thing.” and obviously he was right. So, here I am a few years later and I am telling you that Absolve might be also a big thing in the future. Just check them out and tell all your friends in two years from now that you knew them right from the start.

Their selftitled EP is gonna be released via Tape on Kick Out The Jams Records very soon.


01. Intro
02. Mistakes
03. Roaches
04. Side By Side
05. White Lies

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