Eat Me Fresh – Facing The Truth Review

So, what do we have here? A new EP from Eat Me Fresh straight from the Czech Republic. Released this this summer on CD / Vinyl via Power Trip Records, the new EP is promising new, groovy and hard music for fans of bands like Turnstile and alike. The EP is up for free streaming so I took my chances and gave it several listens. Is it any good? We are about to find out.

Eat Me Fresh
Eat Me Fresh

I’ve seen the name Eat Me Fresh a while before on social media but never took the time to really check em out. I think the name is a bit irritating  and to cite a friend of mine: “It sounds like it would be a sticker on an Avocado” – so there is that. On the other hand I’ve listened to “True Love Pt. 2” and that really didn’t got me. I didn’t like the style of the music, the Turnstile-ish feeling there and I didn’t dig the vocals. So the band went a bit unnoticed by me until they’ve released their new EP “Facing The Truth” – which kinda felt different from their other releases. When I played on the same show with them, I experienced those guys as friendly, open minded, really tight on stage and charismatic. So what’s left to do is finally listen to their EP in full and give it a review.

First thing one sees when opening the webstream are the hashtags included: Turnstile, Trash Talk, Broken Teeth, TUI & NYHC – what a mix. I really could not imagine a band that’s got all those influences in their sound and I really did not believe that Eat Me Fresh would sound like a mix of all those bands. But hey, we will come to that later.

The EP starts with an instrumental intro called “Stoned Ride” which really gets me. The production is hard, the riffing is on point, it’s a great mix between a simple and crushing intro riff and some cool additions on the guitar. I am kinda getting the feeling of Lowest Creature here – but somehow in a harder, less metal way. It’s just great, nothing to add there. The intro fades into the title track “Facing The Truth” and the production and riffing keep me happy. That is really good stuff there. From the start of the song I also get the Broken Teeth reference. The vocals are still something you have to get used to, but they are way better than I remember then. At some points they (and also some parts of the music) remind me of the “Barking Dogs Don’t Bite” record from label mates Gone To Waste.

The songs have a great feeling, they don’t feel too long (in fact they are all pretty short and below the two minute mark), a great groove and are just fun to listen to. “Youth” is ending with what Eat Me Fresh are probably best at: groovy two-step parts, which sound really hard due to the good production of the record. That will probably do the trick live. “Civilisation” is the first song that has harder, more moshable parts in it. I don’t feel that this was really necessary, but it blends and changes to a more groovy way of music again soon after. I guess a bit of variety is good, but it was also refreshing to listen to a record which is just groovy and fun instead of hard and moshable. The last three songs blend in that scheme and don’t come around with many suprises – neither positive nor negative. “Nevermind” has some cool parts on the vocals and some really groovy riffs and “Promote Yourself” even got a video which you will find below the article.

So what is left to say there for “Facing The Truth“? I really can’t hear any Trash Talk here and for my own pleasure I can’t hear that much Turnstile there either. Broken Teeth and TUI maybe at some points, but as stated above, I feel more reminded of a mixture between Gone To Waste and Lowest Creature with a hell lot less of metal. But most important: I really like that record, I really liked their live show and I really liked the people.

So there is nothing left for me but to recommend you to check the EP out, it’s available for streaming and soon the 12″ vinyl should be available, too. Give it a listen, check the band out at a show, they feel like really dedicated, down to earth persons which should recieve support for their work.

My favorite songs are “Nevermind” and “Youth“.

TracklistEat Me Fresh - Facing The Truth Cover

01. Stoned Ride
02. Facing The Truth
03. Youth
04. Civilisation
05. Jing Jang
06. Nevermind
07. Promote Yourself

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