Rust Proof – Civil Treason Review

23 minutes of pure Australian anger presented to you by the Melbourne four-piece, Rust Proof. Simple line up, nothing surprising about the list of influential bands (which includes Pantera, Hatebreed, Madball, Merauder and Sick of It All) and the same passion for music regardless of genre as other bands. But something sets Rust Proof apart. It could be the fact that Rust Proof isn’t a bunch of young hardcore kids starting their first band, far from it; these are experienced guys. Or it could be the fact that they put in a lot of work on the new album, or maybe it is just because they kick ass in the way they mix various styles. Whatever it is, the result is a hardcore album that shows off different kinds of influences, not just the influential bands mentioned and a whole lot of skills both on the part of musicians and technicians.

Rust Proof Band

With an uninterrupted play-through of “Civil Treason” it is easy to hear the switches between styles from the heavy metal guitar solo in “Poacher”, to breaks throughout the record changing the tempo and showing of a heavier, faster or more melodic side to the band. But at the same time you hardly notice the transition from one song to the next. The eight songs of the album fit together like one continuous expression of hardcore attitude with titles that invite you to investigate the world of Rust Proof. Lyrics and the vocals of front man Chugga is not as much the focus point as vocals usually are in other bands, they become a more integrated part of the overall expression that is Rust Proof.

The song “RIP” was released as the first video off the new album and it is a good example of the shifts that Rust Proof bring about within a song to add subtle variations over a solid melody. The band is racing away for about two minutes and then strips it all down to show off the bass line. This is also where the vocals become clearer and more at the centre, but at the same time still sharing the spotlight with the bass. Drums and guitar are then added again to bring back the sound to that well-played, strong Rust Proof sound. An example of how the band is able to play around with overall sound, experimenting with various breaks and styles, and returning to the core of the band’s heavy, aggressive hardcore.

It is clear that Rust Proof have their roots in classic hardcore drawing inspiration from bands like Hatebreed with their heavy sound and steady, pounding melodies based on the strong backbone of the drums and bass.

Do not mistake this band as a band that copies classic styles, but see this band for what it is; a strong contender in the Australian take-over of the world. This is just the beginning.

“Civil Treason” is released 6 November on 10-54 Records, Australia, and will be available in Europe through Coretex Records and Filled With Hate Records. Make sure to check out the whole record in our exclusive Soundcloud-Stream until 6 November.

Rust Proof - Civil Treason CoverTracklist

01. Civil Treason
02. Fortified
03. RIP
04. The Wretched Pit
05. The Stand Off
06. Savage And Sage
07. The Poacher
08. Mask Of Anarchy

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